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From: John Stevens
by John StevensStory Code/s: b/b (mast)
WARNING:This story contains descriptions of sexual acts between fully
consenting boys. If this is not to your tastes, please leave
now, unless you wish to be educated and/or have an
open mind.”To the pure, all things are pure: to the puritan - nothing is”No animals were mistreated in the writing of this story, no
rain-forests devastated nor any harm done to the biosphere. In
particular, no boy was hurt in any way.
This story is pure and total fiction and for entertainment purposes
only. Any resemblance to any individual, alive or dead, is purely
This story tells you nothing about me or my tastes:
except whether or not I can write an arousing story!
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =Colin was very excited … today, he was 13 at last. He was
suddenly wide-awake in the dark dormitory of his Prep School.
Finding his watch though, he discovered it was just
after six. He swore Lolitas Castle under his breath, too awake by then to
be able to go Lolitas Castle
back to sleep. As he lay there, listening to the
soft sounds from the other boys in the dormitory, his hand
almost unconsciously wormed its way into his pyjama
trousers so that he could fondle his fast stiffening cock. His
thoughts turned as they often did to sex and he decided
that he best way to celebrate his birthday would be with a
protracted wank … he could make Lolitas Castle it really last. Might be
fun, he thought, to see how long I can do it without
spunking up!As he slowly rubbed his duck, his fingers played all
round his balls and the twin tufts of pubic hair he had
grown in the last few months, Colin was very proud of his
pubes but even more of the fact that a few weeks ago, he
had managed to shoot real sperm for the first time! It had
happened during a communal wank with several of his
friends, in the gym-store between supper and bedtime.
Although two of the others could already spunk up, it was
new for him and he was quite overwhelmed by the sight of
the white stuff oozing from the tip of his dick. The pleasure
he had from that wank was greater than ever before and it
had been getting better all the time since then. Colin had
really discovered that what Peter (his main wanking
partner) had said was absolutely true - more so!His erotic musings were disturbed by a noise, so sitting
up slightly, he saw his other best friend Toby, slipping out of
the dormitory, obviously on his way for a piss. The thought
crossed Colin’s mind that perhaps Toby might like a wank
as well, even though he was the only one of his friends
who had never joined him in such a game so far. So, Colin
quickly went out to the nearest loo, discovering that as
expected, the only cubicle was occupied. Leaning against
the basin, he let his cock stick out of his pyjamas, amused
when he spotted his reflection in the mirror … it looked
really wicked to see himself wanking!The loo flushed and Toby appeared. “Hi! couldn’t you
sleep either?”"No, I woke up ages ago!” Colin made sure that his
friend could hardly not notice his cock as it stuck out from
his pyjamas and when Toby realised that fact, Colin
grasped it again as he asked, “Do you feel like a wank?”"Dunno!” muttered his friend. However, after a brief
moment’s though, the sight of Colin wanking was enough
to make up his mind. “Ok then! Why not!”At that, Colin almost pushed him back into the cubicle
and as he slid the bolt shut, he ordered, “Take your
dressing gown off.” He hadn’t bothered to wear his!Toby did as asked, then followed Colin’s example and
allowed his pyjama trousers to fall to his ankles. His cock
was not as stiff as Colin’s already was but as Colin took off
his pyjama jacket, virtually naked now, Toby’s cock
suddenly stood up without him as yet touching it! “Take
your jacket off as well!”"Do we have to?” But Toby knew he had to do as asked.
As he hung it on the door, he gasped as Colin grabbed his
cock … it felt really nice! “Is it safe though?” he asked
nervously as Colin started to play with him. “Suppose
someone catches us doing this?”"Who cares!” Colin muttered, now rubbing his cock
against Toby’s, something he had found exciting since the
day he had been shown all about wanking by one of the
senior boys when he was only ten.Grasping each other, they started to wank the hard cock
they played with, both of them needing that special
pleasure that comes from a nice wank. Toby had
never done it with another boy before, but was fast
discovering that it was fun after all, just like all his friends
had always said. He was annoyed now that he had never
done it before - this was just great!After a while, Colin pushed his friend’s hand from his
cock. “Cool it!” he muttered as he also released Toby’s solid
erection. “I don’t wanna spunk up just yet!”Very close to his orgasm, Toby was a bit let down,
especially as he had discovered that it was really very sexy
to let someone else do it for you. However, he found it just
as sexy when Colin started to rub their cocks together and
without thinking, he copied his friend as he slid his hand
round onto his bottom.It was another new feeling for Toby to enjoy whilst
Colin really loved doing this with other boys, often doing it
with his friend Peter … until they spunked up! It was fun
when Peter shot his load against him and of course for the
last few weeks, he had been able to squirt his drops of
spunk against Peter’s belly at the same time!As Toby and Colin experimented, they discovered how
to make it feel even sexier for each other. “This is really great
ain’t it?” whispered Toby, “But we ought to hurry up just in
case someone comes in and finds us doing it!”"Suppose so - but this is super, Lolitas Castle really wicked Toby!” But
agreeing with his friend’s cautionary words, he moved
back from him. Both reached down for the other’s cock,
both now almost desperate to enjoy the release that came
with an orgasm. Staring down at each other’s cocks as
they tossed away rapidly, they muttered their
encouragement to each other - both were enjoying
themselves to the full, both the pleasure of being wanked
and that different pleasure of playing with another boy’s
cock!They were now very worked up so it didn’t take much
longer before they came off - Toby was first.Releasing Colin and turning his body slightly, he
whimpered as his cock started to jerk. From it there spat a
thin jet of sperm, the slippery hot juice arching up into the
air before falling to the floor. As Colin worked away,
another little spurt, then another and finally, the rest of his
cream oozed out and slid over his friend’s fingers, just
missing his pyjama-trousers as it fell to the floor.
Colin was pleased to see his friend enjoying his spunking:
as always when wanking with another boy, he enjoyed
seeing the slimy white stuff spurting out and he also rather
liked seeing another boy go all funny as he enjoyed his
orgasm. Milking out the final dribbles, he whispered, “Dirty
sod! Now do me!” He knew that Toby Lolitas Castle was going to make
his twelve point three centimetres of hard cock soon spit
out all that his balls had made since he and Peter had
measured each other yesterday afternoon - before
spunking up against each other’s belly!Although still a bit lost in his own fast fading pleasure,
Toby grasped Colin’s cock again and resumed his wank, finding
it more sexy to do than he would have thought, now keen that
Colin should spunk up quickly!This would be the first time he’d ever seen someone
else spunk up and he wondered if Colin’s spunk looked the
same as his! His wanking action soon became almost
violent as he slid his fingers up & down his friend’s hard
penis, not that Colin cared, it was simply great.”Come on,” urged Toby, “Spunk up then Colin, let’s see
how much you shoot!”"Nearly there!” came the muttered reply as Colin leaned
against his friend, surrendering to what Toby was doing
(surprisingly well for his first ever effort at mutual wanking)
to his firm young cock. Their play (and of course the way he
had worked himself up previously in bed) had excited him
greatly and suddenly, he was shaking in sheer pleasure as
his cock throbbed in Toby’s hand.His first jet of sperm shot out some way, almost hitting
the wall Lolitas Castle behind the loo but in fact splashing down into the
water there. More and more juice spurted from his strongly
jerking cock, much to Toby’s surprise! He had never seen
so much sperm before - his friend’s cock seemed to be
spraying the stuff everywhere, over him as well! So
astonished was he that he let go but despite being lost in
his pleasure, Colin was able to order, “Carry on … don’t
stop … it’s just great!” between noisy gasps for breath.Toby resumed what he had been doing, knowing that
his last few strokes should be slower, just as when he
wanked himself. Colin’s orgasm was Lolitas Castle
fascinating, his cock
now really slippery, covered with his sticky sperm! It was
disgusting really Lolitas Castle he thought, but fun in its own way.As for Colin he was far too lost in the pleasure Toby was
still giving him - on Lolitas Castle his birthday, his best friend was giving
him one of the sexiest wanks he’d ever had, the best
birthday present he could have, although he knew it wasn’t
going to be the only wank of the day! After all, it was
Wednesday, the day he Peter and a few others usually
went round the back of the squash courts for some fun.Eventually, he was still and Toby shook the last dribbles
of sperm from his friend’s now still cock - it had been really
wonderful to do, he thought as he grinned as his now recovered
friend. “You shot more than me you dirty sod!” he muttered,
indicating the stuff all over the floor of the narrow cubicle -
as well as the drops on his own body. He was jealous of
what Colin had produce - after all, he had been able to
spunk up for over two months now!”That’s ‘cos you did it so good!” Colin muttered as he
arched his back and started to rub his cock against Toby’s
once more. Both boys enjoyed that, it felt even sexier than
earlier now that both their cocks were wet from their much
enjoyed spunkings. Almost shyly, they clung to each other’s
bottoms but sexy as it all was, their erotic arousal was fast
disappearing, their cocks rapidly losing their firm stiffness!So, pulling away from Toby, Colin pulled Lolitas Castle off some toilet-
paper to wipe their cocks, the boys giggling as they
dropped the damp tissues into the loo.”We’d better go.” Colin muttered as he pulled his
pyjama trousers back up. They both quickly dressed,
flushed the loo and then cautiously opened the cubicle
door.”We ought to clean our stuff up from the floor!” Toby
suggested.”Who cares? It’s only sperm.” But Colin did turn back and
spread the stuff round with his slipper, laughing happily as
he did so.”That was great … really great!” confessed Toby, “We
must do it again one day. I’ve never done it with anyone
else before.” He was now totally converted to the idea of
mutual masturbation with his friends - it was so much
better than doing it on your own!”I know! But yeah! It was fun! You wank really good you
know!” Colin was very pleased that Toby had finally joined
in the sex games he enjoyed with other boys - he was his
best friend after all and in the holidays, he often used to
stay with him! Now, they would be even closer, real
wanking-friends!They wandered back to the still dark dormitory and after
exchanging a friendly grin, they went back to their beds,
Colin very pleased with what had happened and Toby
already looking forwards to doing it again - with Colin or
anyone else in their form. In bed, Colin lay day-dreaming
about what had happened - it had been a great wank
really and a super start to what would be his best ever
birthday!THE END : April 1999

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